Wednesday, July 8

OOPS I forgot to tell you!

Hey everyone, I can not believe it has been over a month since I posted.....well tons of news here I guess. First, I woke up one day and decide for yucks to put my home on ZILLOW.....well in two days I received tons of calls, 5 offers and a sale. YIKES!

So, second because of that I had a HUGE HUMONGOUS yard sale and still need to do another! This was just one lane of the sale, my entire yard, garage and shed were filled!

Thirdly, I had to go find someplace to live, and now I am purging and packing. I am leaving my awesome beautiful stamping area to fit all that I can take into a small armoire Can you all SAY awwww...yes I am depressed. I had to really purge my stamping stuff because I will not have one inch more than the armoire to store everything in our new place.

 Hopefully it won't be too much longer....ok so it will be another month before I can get back to stamping....anyone need some stuff, or want to help me pack !LOL!


Colleen said...

Wish I lived closer, as I love to pack and must say; I do a pretty darn good job of it; plus I love going to yard / garage sales.....when I have the opportunity that is.
Wishing you the best of luck in your future adventure

Diane - said...

Wow! What a surprise... and I can just imagine how busy your are. I just HATE moving, it turns out to be so much MORE ... but in the end it's a new adventure and new stuff!
Not sure if I'm looking at the old or new... but your crafting area is wonderful! Hope you make the transition smoothly and I look forward to your first post from your NEW place! hugs.

Max said...

WOW! Would break my heart to leave that craftroom behind but presume you must have good reasons to have made such a huge decision ... good luck in your new home ... when you find it.


-Susan- said...

Donna what a huge change for you!!! Have you found a new home? Hope the very best for you!!!