Thursday, March 12


  Hey Stamper I needed a password notebook. I don't know about you but I must have 100 different passwords from everyday simple ones for things like my blog and facebook to complex upper case, lowercase, numbers and colors...and if YOU ARE like me then you know I am always forgetting the combinations of them. So, now I am back to writing them down because I may actually lose my ipad or have my cpomputer crash and then I am too old to know what to do. WOW, what a rant!
  Anyway I decided to make my own. The notebooks out there that are cute are too expensive, so I took Simple Stems to make a simple book. (which after I made the dang thing realized I had grabbed a set out of my retired stash)  ARGH! But you can use a set like Flower Patch or Crazy About You  to create the same feel.

To create the notebook, I used a regular lined steno pad for the paper and made a book jacket to decorate it with. Enjoy your day!

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