Monday, April 14

Fundraiser Preps

Hey everyone, I have been M I A  because I am doing a fundraiser class for 50 people on Tuesday at the Blue Hills Regional Vacational School here in Massachusetts. That's a lot of paper cutting!

Many of you know I do classes in my home so I do not have the opportunity to forget anything...wish me luck that I do not forget the adhesive on Tuesday! LOL!

This is a pumped up version of one of the cards we will be making. I want to show the versatility of Stampin Up! stamp sets by using one set to create different styled cards. I'll show more over the week, but until then here is what I did for this card.

Here I used Coastal Cabana, Pistachio Pudding and Crisp Cantaloupe to create a background inking up only once for each color. I also used the flower image and cut it out to pop and the get the attention of the recipient. ~Enjoy you day!


Marisa said...

This is gorgeous! Blessings to you for doing the fundraiser :) Crazy busy here so haven't had a chance to make the flower pot card yet - once we are back from Hawaii will give it a go!

Laura Lynn said...

Hi Miss Donna! I hope the adhesives pop into your travel bag! Pssst.....Your card is fresh & fun!

Kelli said...

Just want to thank Donna for an incredible fundraiser last night. We had so much fun, in spite of losing power. Thank you for the beautiful cards that you helped us create!