Friday, March 7


CURTAIN CALL's PERFECTLY PEACHY CHALLENGE ....Hey Stamper friends! SOMETIMES things change....and sometimes styles change due to what products and embellishments are available to the person designing the card.

Lately, I have heard a lot of comments directed at me. A friend of mine who found my blog because of my BOWS said.....Donna, where are those pretty bows you used to make?  Another remark came this week as my girls in class were looking at my bookcase collection of newly made cards. I hear one say "Her style has really changed" ....I thought about it and it made me sad.....Lately I have not had as much fun as I used to have designing cards. As I pondered what was said and the comments that have been left I went to look for some luscious ribbon to make a card like I used to make. THEN it dawned on me! WE DON'T HAVE LUSCIOUS RIBBON anymore :(
When things change so do we need to change. Maybe it isn't always for the best but it can be fixed! 

When things change IMPROVISE!

 I needed to get back to my old soft cards and easy I grabbed the ribbon I could get my hands on and created a soft card around it.

EVENTUALLY, I will have to dye it for other cards but it will do for now...and my fingers are crossed that we will be getting some of those beautiful ribbons from our past back in our CATALOG!


Shelia said...

Beautiful, and there is that perfect bow

inkedx2 said...

This is beautiful Donna! What ribbon did you use?

Anonymous said...

Donna, I check your blog on a regular basis and still love your creations. What you say about improvising is so true. And I also agree with your hope for some of our beautiful ribbon to return. Please keep posting!! Sue Smith

MaryKulee said...

This card is beautiful Donna! The bow is very nice AND the soft peach and yellow background behind the word IMAGINE, is wonderful. OH! I really like the new embossing folder that you used also.


Cherie said...

Donna, Your card is beautiful. I love visiting your blog and admiring your new creations! You are such a source of inspiration to me....even though I don't comment a lot, I know I can get creative juices flowing by just visiting your blog! Keep up the great work/play!