Monday, February 10


Hey everyone...I miss you so much and I miss stamping in my play space too! I have no paper or glitter or buttons or ribbon and I am feeling stressed. .....well not really but sometimes I find myself folding the squares of paper towels into 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" shapes while sit chatting at the table with my family, and  I open and close them pretending it is a card. HOW SICK IS THAT! LOL!

Well, I must say vacation has been fun and relaxing, and up until today the step I have taken away from the creative process has been a nice rejuvenation of my self! NOW, I want to play but I am not back home for a bit so it will have to wait. I did use my MDS  this morning (of which I have little experience) in order to make today's MOJO MONDAY sketch to express what I am feeling! I hope you miss me as much as I miss you! See you soon! Hugs!


Shelia said...

We miss you a lot Donna. I think when you get back to "real" life that you need to make a card with a big pretty bow on it. That is how I found you :)

Sandy said...

Oh, I miss you a lot. And how funny is it to fold paper towels into cards? Only you can create like that!! You should stay away from the Northeast at least a couple more days. We're to get 10-15 inches tonight. But do come home soon, we miss you. Hugs.

Patti said...

Sweet tag! your post is funny! In case of an emergency break open a ball point pen and get inky - if only for a day... or a week if the soap you are using is weak! heehee