Thursday, January 30


Tomorrow I leave for vacation for 3 weeks and sad to say I will not have any of my stampin' stuff with me. YILKES! I know, I can feel it already~ I am going to be sad ! But I will also be happy to be spending some quality down time with my family! So maybe I will post pictures of stuff we are doing in MDS form! MAYBE!

Anyway I am reposting this card because it says exactly what I feel so I am sending it out to all of you this morning so you will know how much I will miss you. I'll be back in mid Febraury so until then HAPPY STAMPIN!


Laura Haffke said...

Hugs Miss Donna! Safe travels. Wish I fit in your suitcase! You will be missed by ME!

Shelia said...

Please post of all the WARM fun you are having. We will miss you also, if you don't stay in touch. I love me some Donna post!

Becky said...

This is beautiful.. Have fun on your vacation.

Diane - said...

Donna .... no worries! ENJOY your family!!!! I can't wait to see my grandkids in mid March. I also know how you miss having stamping "Stuff" at hand. When I am traveling for work (a lot) all I can think of is getting home and stamping... then I get home and I'm brain dead!!! Oh well. Family never changes... I miss them daily! Hugs.