Monday, January 13


HEY everyone! What a nice weekend we have had here in the Northeast and the mild weather is continuing for a few more days, and I can tell you it has been a welcomed January thaw!

A few weeks ago when everything was BUSY I saw a set similar to this on Mary Fish's blog. I was immediately drawn to it and decided to try the instructions only to find that the standard SU cards and envies did not fit into the box. :(

So, I created a different box idea and with a similar card set using a lot of the same NEW STAMP SETS from the Occassions Catalog with a tutorial to fit the medium envelopes! Instead of Washi Tape I used 1/4" strips of DSP on the interior! I am holding a class for this project tomorrow but you can have it if you want  too! Just take a peek in my tutorial section, or you can grab this link, Enjoy!


Patti J said...

Very nice set! What a disappointment to get everything all made up, and OOPS! Glad you got it all worked out. Thanks for sharing :)

Debbie Mageed said...

I loved this set when I visited Katy McGloin's blog, so I had to try it as well. I didn't have any issues with her tutorial at all. I like yours as well in the silver. Her project really lends well to lots of interpretation, which you demonstrate very well. TFS

Butternutsage said...

hi Debbie, Katy wrote me a sweet note telling me that her tutorial does not fit envelopes and cards, but explained to me that she would make that clear in her post. I am happy that it worked for you!