Thursday, January 23


Today I made this cute EVENTS WALLET perfect for keeping track of Birthdays and even upcoming WORKSHOPS! It is a super WOW to pull out at those workshops so your guests can see something fun and useful too!

I love the design and the pockets and you can decorate it to use a slip twine catch with buttons or just an easy ribbon closure. Either way it is so cute!

I have a printable months list in the colors shown or you can make your own. I also have a tuitorial for the entire wallet plus the printable. CLICK HERE for more info ~Enjoy your day!


Patti J said... are SO clever! When I grow up, I hope I'm half that clever! Great wallets, my friend - thanks for sharing :)

carol smith said...

Donna, you are so crafty! :) Who would've thought of this? Leave it to you. Hugs

Djesbeeb said...

It is very beautiful ! Thank you very much !

Greetings of Djesbeeb from the Netherlands