Sunday, November 17

Stand Alone Pop Up Card

I am on the mend and able to create once more!!! YIPPPPEEEE! Today I was looking at all of the  Milky Way Candy Bars I have leftover from Halloween and wanted one in the worst way but am trying to lose a few of the 50lbs that I have been carrying around 20 years (wink) You know how that goes right? That being said CHOCOLATE was on my brain and I remembered that famous quote from Forrest Gump.
Well, I decided to open up my MDS and create something that curbed my chocolate craving and had some fun too! So, I made a stand alone pop up card! Enjoy!

This cards also fits the SUO challenge for favorite Sentiment,


Laura Haffke said...

Ahhhh, my poor friend! I must have been under a rock for too long! Sorry about your boo-boo, that had to hurt! Hugs to you! I am happy you are back to creating! Beautiful color combo and love your MDS Creations! I am honored to have such a lovely Butternut Sage Design MDS one of a kind piece in my studio!

Gift Bags said...

Thumbs up for your creativity! This card seems so cool and unique.

TiaraHelen said...

Hi Donna
I am overdosing on your blog today, and having a Pin-fest with all your super cards. I know where my Milky Ways would have gone I'm afraid, down my neck (and not just one either). Still, tomorrow is another day for the diet...
Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas
Helen xxx