Friday, July 19

Stampin' UP! Convention DAY 1

OH MY LITTLE PEEPS I am so so so so so sorry. I am here in UTAH and would you believe I lost my password and could not post! ARGH....Well here I am and let me tell you something it is
FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN and there are sooooo amy stampers. BUT
There is a problem....
I am having trouble with the devices that I have that my disposal showing you great things. I am going to try to post live pictures but here is what I ahve for you so far.
I arrived in SLC on WEDNESDAY at 10:00 am and took the shuttle to my hotel where I met with other demo/friends for lunch. It was so much fun reconnecting with old stamping friends. I met them right here on my blog... in my chat room.

Each time I go to convention I like to
make it special for my roomies and friends. This time all of us who are staying at Crystal Inn have decided to make a hall party during our stay. That means lots of treats and surprises!
So we started with a special facebook page that only we had access to. That began the process of bonding and sharing, and then creating simply followed. Naturally!!!!
The first thing we decided to do as hall buddies(*besides swaps) was to decorate DRY ERASE BOARDS to portray our personalities and interests. I cannot wait to see all of the fantastic ideas these stampers will bring! When we got to SLC we each hung them on our room doors so each we can leave notes and messages to each other letting us know important info, etc.
I love soft colors and boxes so I used Pistachio Pudding and Crisp Cantaloupe for the color scheme and MDS to create my decorations making it easy to pack. Then, I finished it off when I arrived by attaching a box that I made and finally I decorated the pen.~Enjoy and come back tomorrow for more treats from
Convention 2013
where I hope to

Later in the day the Chat Room girls got together for dinner and a PJ party!
Laura Lynn made our specials invitations and we enjoyed our 'away from the hustle" time together.

Here is the Package and 3D item I made for the swap


Available August 1, 2013
There are some products you just have to see in action before you realize how much you need them, right? This is one of them!
These new card dies come with extra die pieces that have versatile designs, so you can use them on other projects, not just flip cards. (The Circle Card Thinlits Die comes with 10 total pieces; the Label Card Thinlits Die comes with nine total pieces.) Isn't it CUTE!!!!

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Love it all! Hope you're having a blast!!