Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I am leaving FL  tomorrow for my drive back home to Boston. We will be stopping somewhere on the East Coast along the way so we can take a leisurely ride home over 3 days. maybe I will be in your neck of the woods so let me know if you'd like me to visit!

In the mean time I found this Valentine Card for you to look at once more. ENJOY!!!!


Marisa said...

Love the swiss dots in the middle of the heart! How did you do that? Doily in the BG is fabulous and loving the colour combo. Drive safe!

Butternutsage said...

I did the select embossing technique and then cut out the heart frame using a bigger heart die. By doing that it leaves a plain white edged frame around the embossed polka dots!

KarenBeavers said...

probably too late for you just saw post -- in York PA there is an awesome stamp store STAMP EDE right off the highway about 2 - 3 miles but it is amazing ... Janie and the crew are so much fun too

Queen's Ink in Maryland is another great store ... I have my atlas marked with the fun places.

Butternutsage said...

thank you Karen! You didn't leave me you email address so I oculd not respond. You are too cute I wish I knew when I was traveling through Maryland it would have been so much fun!