Sunday, January 6


If you are like me sometimes it would be nice to have the stamp fairy come in and figure out all the paper sizes,  how much paper you need for 8 stampers, how much ribbon for each card  and what you need to print out for instructions and templates and all the other good stuff you need to do before you even set up for class.
Well this year I am going to do a club class in my home for my 10 stamper friends and I have decided to make that available to you too! Not as a club for you but as an easy all figured out set up for a class  that you can offer your own stampers. All the measurements and supplies are all figured out for you. It is a great opportunity to get your club off to a great start and on the right foot by copying what I have already done and make it a little less cumbersome.
For these kits I include over 30 pages of step by step instruction and quality photos in case you hate to read like me!
This kit comes with printable templates and even a printable handout for your stampers to put in their binders for reference when they want to remake the project!
and a 3D CUP COZY
If you think this is something you'd like then go on over to my left hand side bar and click the picture of this months kit for more info. Or just click here! Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy!



Diane - said...

OH so pretty. Love the color combo here and what a cutie cup too! hugs.

Becky said...

Beautiful. Such a gorgeous color combo.

Texas JennyWren said...

So fun!! Love the green, black and white together. Very sharp!!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well ... If I was on twitter ... I would follow you! Instead ... I am subbed for your blog ... S I don't miss anything. Lovely project ... Love the striking black with the gorgeous green & blue. Hugs xxx