Thursday, July 5


Oh man where did the time go? It is less than 2 weeks away from travel time to CONVENTION 2012 and I am not READY!!!!!  I will be here trapped in my dungeon (well not really it is a pretty cooooool stamp room!) creating my swaps and swaps and oh yeah some more swaps and goodies to pack. I can still rememember all those days when  I kept muttering in my head ..."oh you can do that tomorrow"....well tomorrow has come and gone and NOW I NEED TO DO IT TODAY!!!!! Sorry no peeking just yet! Be patient and I will be back soon!

In the meantime come visit in the Chat Room OVER THERE ON MY SIDE BAR -----> today at 10:00 New York Time!
 Meanwhile one of my swap cards NOT SHOWN HERE uses the NEW finishing egdes edglit die and this piece of paper was what was left over from the construction of it. I went to throw it waway and then saw all the ruffles and thought CARD!!!!! So here is what I amde witht he left over scrap piece. Enjoy! Yes all those rows are connected!


Laura Haffke said...

I squinted real hard, and tried to enlarge the page..... I hate waiting for surprises! You are teasing us by blurring the page!!!!
We will see you in the chat room!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So pretty & feminine, Donna! I wish I could have a sneak peek. I can imagine the panic ... But take some time to breathe & remind yourself that it does always get done by the deadline! Hugs xxx