Wednesday, July 11


Oh Good Golly! I had a wonderful two days away to play with my girlfriends at a beach house and feel spiritually renewed, something I needed to accomplish before convention. Usually I do not speak of such things here as I have another blog where I bare more of my soul but thought I would just say "I am smiling"!
So I got up bright and early this morning to work on our newest Morning Chat Challenge which is a color challenge to use 3 of our new IN COLORS on a project and here is the mistake I created!!!! I could have thrown it out but wanted to "fess up" and let you see the boo-boos I create! When I began I wanted the sentiment to run vertically which it did however, it made the butterfly look awkward and he seemed to be flying the wrong way so I turned the entire card around which made it "FEEL" better but then the background words were going the wrong way...Oh well the sketch design worked it was just the elements within it that were all askew! Oh is anyone else having trouble witht he NEW Finishing Touches Edgelit punching out all the little chads?

I am a little cross eyed I think trying to prepare for CONVENTION next week so forgive me and just laugh! OH and by the way I made 100 swap cards using this NEW Finishing Touches Edgelit and had to poke out all the holes. You do the math that is 100 cards x 36 holes YUP! That is a lot of punching...I hope you get one of my swaps! See you at Convention! ~Donna


Diane - said...

Love this... gorgeous card as always...and No mistakes, just opportunities! I doubt I'll buy the edgelits ... seems like too much work. hugs.

Marisa said...

Nothing better than having your soul filled to running over :)

Love the cards and that edge is darling. Hope you were at least watching TV or something while you punched out all the holes! Mind you there is always the clean up end of that too - don't ask me how I know LOL! Have learned to do it OVER a garbage can now.

Quiltingranny said...

Hi Donna, your work is just beautiful. If you need another pair of snipping scissors, I am having a giveaway for angel scissors, please stop by and visit:

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh I had a good goggle at this one! So glad to know that you are not perfect too! Love the design ... Even if a little cross-eyed! Hugs xxx

Janice Rosenthal Rock said...

oooohhh .. .save me one!!! Ya' know, I kinda love the edge UN-poked!! Gotta try that, as I've all "poked out" myself! Beautiful card . . . and nothin' better than time with girlfriends, especially if you are "soul fed"!! Hugs!