Friday, March 9

I Promised You

Good morning everyone. I promised you pictures from vacation and I thought you don't want to see me hanging around the ship so I am posting these instead for you to get a bit of a sense of how extraordinarilly HUGE this ship is. First of all it is 1/4 of a mile long. These pictures are of the very back of the ship. The ship is open in the middle straight up to the sky and is just amazingly beautiful. Oh did I mention I get to go back in December? Yup I won another cruise while I was onboard!!!! A trip for two so let me know if oyu are available!!!! LOL!!! Anyway these pictures show the Aqua Theater and they were taken in the afternoon while rehersals were going on. You can see one of the divers if you look carefully way up top. I loved the inside balcony rooms too, these were situated all along the inside of the open area. The deck pictured here is called the boardwalk and felt just like well a boardwalk of course. This baby also had a beautiful park called Central Park with fabulous restaurants and a wine bar. The first picture show our wake as we cruise the Caribbean. I loved that oyu could get rigth up close to the very edge of this ship. Have a great weekend and Ill see you soon!



TeriBStampin said...

Beautiful pics, Donna! Yes, we would love to see pics of you relaxing on this beautiful boat!

Marisa said...

I've heard about this ship for a long time as one of my daughter's friend's dad is responsible for all the employees on the ship and works on it. Hard to fathom how large it really is! Great pics and lucky you for winning a second trip!!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Wowsers! How could you NOT have a great time ... on this wonder! Sounds like you must have had an amazing time! We are off on a cruise on "Rhapsody of the Seas" in October. I think it might be the same cruise ship line? Gav's mum & dad had such a fabulous time on their recent cruise (on ROS) that they booked another with Gav & Me ... Gav's 2 sisters & hubbies! Wow! We are excited! Couldn't say 'no' to free tickets ... could we??? Hope you are feeling a little better! Thanks for sharing the pics! Hugs xxx

Sam said...

Wow Donna! Your cruise ship looks absolutely fabulous!! I'll be looking forward to seeing more beautiful pics of what you get up to.

Best wishes