Wednesday, February 22

Giving Thanks!

OH MY WORD! Hi everyone! I just returned from a super long and LOVED vacation to Disney and the Caribbean, and I am mush......a good kind of relaxed nothing in the brain mush. I learned several things during this hiatus. One I MISSED STAMPIN! Then I realized just how hectic our lives are, and why we have wrinkles, and stress, and aches and all sorts of things. While I was away I deliberately stayed disconnected. From newspapers, television and yes my beloved internet and blog. I have to say it changed my life for a moment. I am in a bit of a quandry now though, do I keep the feeling of disconnection or relish it and move back to real life? While I was away I learned my UPLINE who was a huge inspiration for me to grow my business has deactivated. "TEARS" and although I am very active in stamping, and blogging, and activities for other demos, I miss and need the person who will play with me and let me be the one who is pampered, and taught in real life new things in stamping! I am one who dislikes change in routine and so it is upsetting to be an orphan and although I get great rewards in other areas of stamping, I truly miss the sound of laughter from a mentor. I thought about it for a bit on my vacation, but am really thinking about it now. Yes I am feeling a bit down.
HOWEVER, take a peek at this picture, and let me tell you about it!
I started the computer up this morning for the first time since I returned and checked some emails. I gingerly began getting back into the swing of browsing again. Not with a lot of excitement I might add, because I really have found I like being a little disconnected. That being said I have a few gals in my downline that I needed to reply to, and then I decided to catch up with my girl's and MAN from the "MORNING CHAT ROOM". As I opoened the page to the first blog I found this. I was intreigued and just had to BLOW it up to see it more closely! Oh my word! These are the sweet, pretty, happy tootsies of my Morning Chat group. One of those clever peeps organized and created this super fun picture JUST FOR ME! If that doesn't make someone feel special I don't know what would! Can you believe they did this, I can't wait to see how in the Chat Room this morning! I think it has something to do with MDS though LOL!

Girls, I am so over the top excited and humbled. You have put a smile on my face that hurts! I don't even have words that can tell you how special this gift is! I surely don't feel down now and I cannot wait to MEET you all at convention in July or better yet sooner in an undisclosed location! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! See you in the chat room!


Marisa said...

What a fun picture :) Glad to hear you had a wonderful time away, but sorry to hear about your upline :( Being disconnected is a wonderful thing and shows you that life can go on without all the extras. Good for you for taking a break :)

TeriBStampin said...

Donna, we missed you so terribly much and I know that everyone feels the same as I do, you are an awesome and talented lady. We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person. We love you, Donna!

Carol Smith said...

Donna, So glad you're back! It is good to slow down oncein a while. Hence, "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD." But I'm glad we made you smile- that was the intent. Cheer up, life will get back to normal. Now you know what is REALLY important, right? We should all be so humbled from time to time. Carol

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well now ... I am so glad to get to the end and discover that all is okay in Donna's world after a hiccup or two. I saw this pic on Sandy's blog ... so perhaps she is your little photo fairy??? I know the feeling ... being disconnected does have its advantages! And ... it does kinda make you feel like life is too controlled by blogging & stamping for that matter. Often I stamp so I can blog! Anyway ... when you have the answer to this question of life ... please let me know! So good to have you back though! Hugs xxx

Joy Jones said...

How sweet!!!
Just door closes and another opens.
Love your blog and am always inspired. I am kind of an orphan demo too.