Thursday, November 10

Countdown to Christmas Project Class

Good Morning!!!! WOW is it ever delicious here in New England. We have a beautiful spring like day here in mid November! What a treat it was when I opened my door this morning. It was so fabulous I even walked to the coffee shop! I will treasure today because I know there are not many more for us to enjoy before the cold brrrrr of winter decends! I was going to show you a sparkly wintery card today but I just couln't bring myself to do it. Instead I will show you what we made in class last night. NOW, even though this was a big project we finished in an hour and a half, then the girls decided to stay to play a few games of Yahtzee. A first! We ordered Chineese Food and had a ball until 11:00 LOL. Don't you just love when impromptu things like that happen! Anyway here are some photos of the girls putting their Countdown Project together. I pre cut everything and they got to take home the punch! They all commented on how relaxing the project was and how beautiful it came out, so don't be nervous about doing on efor your classes. ENJOY!~Donna


Marisa said...

Impressed you go this done in an hour! Well done :) Glad the social time was fun too.

BetteK said...

Wish I could just nip along and join in ... the crafting, the takeaway and Yahtzee are just my cup of tea ... alas, the Atlantic Ocean is in the way! Debbie xXx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

what a stunning and fun project, Donna! You are such a star! Sounds like you had heaps of fun! Hugs xx