Friday, July 29


I AM SO STRESSED THIS WEEK. My computer crashed and I do not have everything running properly. PSE is out of wack so the colors all over my blog are very poor.After this card I will not post any other cards for a bit until I get this resolved. So anyway to make a long story short I am on the mend both computer wise and mentally! LOL!!! Well sort of. My head is still swimming and my colors on my computer aren't exactly to where I want them in blogger or in PSE7 but other than that I am good and trying to learn new and "improved" programs. YIKES I just want my old stuff back paleeeze? teeheee...okay enough of my whining.

I made a few cards this week while the pc geeks were working on my pc to make me calm, so here is one cutie I really had fun with. CIRCUS anyone??? It is not the kind of card I usually do but I am finding myself moving around in other thuoghts and styles so here is a new and cute birthday card. Hey do you see what I did with the CURLY CUTE verse!!! So fun huh???LOOOOOVE it! Of course I couldn't make a card without it fitting into a challenge so this is done for the colors over at COLOR Q, now if the colors look off it is because of my editing in the wrong settings. I will get that fixed as soon as my tech comes back. Thanks everyone for stopping by andlistening to my grumblings. Have a great weekend.

P.S. for all my friends in Australia I have a new clock on my desktop just for you so I know what time it is where you re. So cool...I know I get excited with simple pleasures! LOL! hugs~Donna

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