Friday, July 8


WOW! Yesterday was so much fun. I have never opened myself up to meeting people I do not know in my home. If I had planned to meet in the past it would have been in a public place but yesterday's invite turned into the most wonderful day of meeting new friends! Thank you Laura, Nancy and Sam for coming to stamp!!! You are all so kind and sweet and you truly made my day a happy one to remember! Laura I hope your feelings about New England are beginning to change, Nancy I too feel like we have known each other for years, and Sam it was finally nice to meet a blogging friend in person!

For the rest of you I would highly recommend getting to know a demonstrator or two whom you have not met before. It is amazing what you can learn! So, to get on to what we did. We chatted and had lunch and chatted and cleaned up and then we got to the business of stamping and chatting some more well into the late afternoon! Here are the shoe box swaps we made......I learned a new technique and had so much fun playing!

Have a great weekend!~Donna

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