Thursday, July 7


Hey everyone! A demonstrator from Michigan named Laura just moved a couple of towns away from me and she had posted on Stampin' Connection that she wanted to meet some of us! SOOOOOOO....I planned a quick little luncheon slash shoe box swap for her and two other demos (whom I have never met). NOW, for those who don't know me except for from here on my blog, I am really, really shy! But I am stepping outside of my box and meeting three people today at my house for a little bit of stampin' fun!!!!! Am I anxious? Oh yes, but oh so excited! Here is what I made for each of my guests to have when we actually get stamping. It is a box using the Fancy Favor Die and banded with the TOP NOTE DIE and tied like a corset. I made little note cards to go inside and a pen decorated with the same PAISLEY PETALS PAPER. I had all intentions of doing up a whole theme for lunch, but on Monday I decided to tear , and I MEAN TEAR apart my stamp room and I ran out of time. I am a little embarrased to have to play in there this afternoon because it is under construction, but I think it will make them feel a little more comfortable knowing.."hey you got what I got and that's about all" LOL!!!! So, shhhh don't tell them about their prizes now okay!!!! See you soon!~Donna

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