Thursday, May 5


I am SO excited to show you these 10 minute cards! As you probably know most of us have too much Designer Series Paper in our stash. I am not sure about you but I AM A HORDER when it comes to Designer Paper ! I just find it to be the most difficult thing to open up a package of DSP and actually USE it!!!!! Are you anything like that? Well, I am weeding out my paper this week and am so excited to find that I can make four of these cards with four pieces of 12" x 12" paper. YES it is a lot of paper but, we need to make room for new styles now don't we, and WOW aren't they super pretty! Do you want to know the best thing? They are SUPER FAST TOO!!!!!!! I am calling this technique my DOODLE CARD TECHNIQUE, because I have not seen it anywhere on the internet so it may be a FIRST!!!!! WoooHoooo!!! Anyway, it is loads of fun and I have already given three away because I have lots of birthdays in May!
Now, the fun thing about this card is you don't even know how it will turn out until you are done with it!

It is difficult to explain this technique, so I have created another VIRTUAL CLASS just for you. You'll sit right in front of me as I show you this step by step technique. It is like being right there in my own classroom!!!! It is less than 10 minutes long from start to finish so

why not sign on for the virtual class now, and learn how to make this FABULOUS new card!!!!!! I promise you do NOT need to cut all those pieces of paper out and tape them in place!!!!! REALLY! You don't!!!! You'll use only large pieces of paper for this technique!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I am taking the weekend off...See you Monday!

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