Friday, April 15

PRE Easter Bonnet Parade

Unless you are NieNie not many of us wear Easter Bonnets much anymore BUT that doesn't mean you can't be nostalgic and make a card like on. Have fun with your St. Patty's day template and all of you who got free one's know who you are! Now, go make an Easter Bonnet.



Patti J said...

So sweet! Gosh, those colors are so pretty together, Donna! What a beautiful hat - thank you for sharing!!!

Diane - said...

Donna love your Easter Bonnet! The sad part is I DO remember wearing an Easter Bonnet! Love it then too. Does that mean I old? Hugs

Shelia said...

Donna, I love this one. And hanging my head in shame, will get mine done this weekend. It is strange you posted this, because I had thought about I need to get my Mother's card made this week, and had already planned on using your template. I just wish it could have a pretty bow on it. *wink*