Friday, March 18


Here is a card that is just right to encourage someone. Whether it is finding a new job, acknowledging an achievement, or wishing an older child Happy Birthday, it is straightforward, clean and simple! Sort of how I feel right now! Clean and Simple!!!!
I am taking a break and will not return for some time, IMAGINE the posibilities! I will be posting pre written posts over the next month(s) so enjoy and I will see you soon! Sometimes things bigger than us take precedence, I hope you listen when it comes a knockin' (wink), you'll never know where you'll soar if you don't. Hugs!


Bonnie said...

This would be a wonderful graduation card too! I hope your possiblities will be realized in the coming days. You'll be missed.

-Susan- said...

Beautiful Donna. Simple and elegent! Love your cards!

Diane - said...

Just a beautiful CAS card. crisp. clean and beautiful.
I hope you enjoy your break, and take care of your priorities. Will look forward to your return. Hugs.

Allison said...

Hi Donna,
I just recently doscovered your site, and all your wonderful postings.
I shall miss you in your absence but hope you will be 'soaring' in whatever it is that you are embarking upon. Warm wishes to you.
In the meatime I am going to go back on your site and check out all the wonderful artwork and the videos too.
God Bless

Crafty Crystal's Corner said...

I will miss you .... hope it is nothing serious and I will keep looking just incase you pop back in every once in awhile

Pauline said...

I just recently started following your blog; I do hope it is nothing serious and that you will soon be back to your stamping station! God bless you and your family!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well ... don't I know how true that advice is! I hope the "time out" is profitable ... and helpful ... and that you feel the benefit of adjusting priorities ... even if just for a little while! My prayers are with you honey! Hugs xxaxx