Saturday, January 1


If you are anything like me once January 1st comes I need everything in ship shape order!!!! Closets, cabinets, clothes and YES STAMPING things!

So I thought I would show you a display I did to show my girls in a quick glance, how easy it is to organize all that magical, awesome, creative "stuff" they have collected over the past few months! It doesn't take a lot of space, nor does it cost a lot to pick up a cabinet, either in a yard sale, or at one of the big box stores! There are lots of sales going on right now! So for all of you beginning stampers and hobbyists or even you big stampers and demos why not get organized! I grabbed this one for $79 at Home Depot but an old tv cupboard or chest would work just as nicely. Paint it up to match your decor and it can even sit in a corner of your best dressed room! IT'S SO EASY!!! Take a look inside mine for some ideas to float in your own head!!!!

It is so nice to have everything at your fingertips and if you add a little roll away 4 drawer bin for things like adhesive, sponges, ink refills, brayers etc you are all good to go. I hope you will get organized this week and then begin stamping 'til your little heart's content...see you back here real soon with a set of all occassion cards and BOX!!!!~Enjoy!


Kasey said...

Donna, I admire your clean looking problem is I start organising and clearing up and then the bug bites me so I end up creating instead...LOL! I do have a whole room to myself for crafting so I don't have to hide it away. Suggestion for you, I stand my punches on their sides so they are easy to see and easy to get to. The border ones go on their long edges and you can still see the images. I find this saves space as well cause man have I got a stash and a half!. Happy New Year. Cheers, Kasey

Shelia said...

Question... Do you think that my Hubby would consider letting me use the big monster of a gun safe that occupies my hobby room. It has lots of space in it,that is if I remove his non esentials that occupy it now? and in a fire, I wouldn't have to worry about my things being damanged