Sunday, August 15

All About Your Heart

Rarely do I have a Sunday to myself. I am blessed to enjoy many of the days at my leisure but Sunday's not as much. It feels different to be alone in quiet solitude. As alone as it is in the physical realm I am so full in my spirit. This post is about my true heart and my wish for all of you to feel what I feel!
I can recall a Sunday two years ago when hubby was watching television and I was blog surfing.
It was 2008 and I was happily clicking from one blog to another.
Click, oh pretty, ok what's, click, pictures, click, a newborn, click the ocean side boutique, click, a menu, a recipe a designer, click, click, STOP....back ............tears, oceans of tears, sobs and disbelief for the saddness I am my life was forever changed.
August 16, 2008 ......... flash....... a dear and beautiful young girl and the life she knew was forever changed. I read her story in blogland on that Sunday afternoon, and began to follow it back in time to see how it fractured that day. I knew immediately that she was destined for great things. I became emotionally but, more importantly spiritually involved with her soul that very moment. I want you to know I could not have learned in a lifetime on my own, what Stephanie has taught me in two years.
As I read backwards I saw a beautiful young wife and a devoted mother, full of sweetness and exquisite physical beauty. Always presenting her family with fun and whimsical tidbits, and sharing that with the world. I saw her as a butterfly of pure enchanted grace.
Then in a second, her life was turned upside down, and trials were thrown at her in a way bigger than any of us can imagine. That is when I learned, I mean I really got it, that God is bigger than big. He took this beautiful life and allowed it to be destroyed so that WE...we who never knew her could be taught the lessons of love, mercy, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, and humility. He gave her the grace to draw hundred and thousands of people to her blog to hear a message!
Stephanie Nielsen was in a plane crash two years ago tomorrow. Her appearance has changed dramatically and yet her soul shines brighter and more beautiful than it ever had before. Her strength and faith is a lesson to all of us. I hope you'll take a moment to visit her blog and read her story, and then I pray that you will have a melting in your heart to know the Lord as I have been led to know Him through His work through Stephanie.
I love the words that Mindy Gledhill wrote in the song All About Your Heart about Stephanie in her new album ANCHOR (please google it and listen for yourself) at least I hope you'll listen, but until you do...she writes
starry nights and bright sunflowers follow you where you may go .....
Oh I've loved you from the start.....
you are brighter than the stars...
believe me when I say,
it's not about your scars,
it's all about your heart...
you're a butterfly held captive
small and safe in your cocoon.....
go on you can take your time,
time it's said will heal your wounds.

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