Thursday, August 19


Oh my word my business has sprouted like weeds without me even seeing it until it was out of control BUT!!!!! Unlike weeds I am not going to irradicate it! LOL! I have had three workshops this week and have three more in the next two weeks thanks to my WONDERFUL daughter Lisa! Now, Lisa is a business woman in the direct sales world, unlike me who is a hobbyist with a passion for card making! Lisa, was top recruiter in her field for 2oo9~2010 and received 4 trips, a 3 carat diamond ring, and even dinner at HER home(not big enough so off site location) with the CEO of the company! Just to name a few!!! So, she has been wanting me to grow my business for a long time! Teeheeeheee, and I wouldn't, so she did it for me by holding two of the 6 workshops this month. From each workshop I got at least one booking, and I wasn't even trying. Do you know why? IT IS BECAUSE of all of the NEW and exciting items in the NEW Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalog! My goodness the colors and accessories and all the complimenting products have made these girls go crazy for MORE! Of course I am loving all of the colors and fun tidbits too!

NOW, the cards. In light of the fact I now have about 20 new customers who are brand new to Stampin' Up! I have had to step down a bit into the basics of card making. I am learning just as they are! The simplicity of the cards is due mainly for the reason that these gals do not own a lot of product. So, I need to show them with just a few items how they can make a myriad of different cards. Both cards use the same stamp set and the more experienced stamper who has more product can add a few other interesting elements such as embossing! Yesterday I showed you the card templates that I introduced the girls to think about. Today I added just a couple of images PLAIN and SIMPLE that they can do at home with the materials they have! I hope this will help you to re think the needs of the beginner stamper who does not need to feel overwhelmed. ~Enjoy!


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Woo hoo! Go Donna! Congrats on the busy week! I am sure with your daughter's expertise ... you will be stage walking before you know it! Have fun, hunny! Hugs xxaxx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... meant to say ... 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. Your daughter obviously got her talent from you ... she just needs to help encourage it from you now!!! Hugs xxaxx