Saturday, June 26

PRESS son goes to HOLLYWOOD!

Premieres Tuesday, June 29th at 9pm ET/PT on the

Food Network

"Ace of Cakes 100th Episode Celebration"

PLEASE WATCH MY SON Michael compete for the $10,000 prize on Cake Wars....not even his own mom (little 'ol me) knows the results...He is such a good secret keeper! I can almost guarantee that he will be either funny or very sacrcastic! Here is what you can expect this coming Tuesday!

Four talented cupcake bakers vie for the chance to have their sweets displayed at an anniversary party for Ace of Cakes' 100th episode. Cake-master Duff Goldman shares his expertise as a guest judge and contestants include: Jessica Cuff of The Coffee Shop (Gilbert, Ariz.), Michael Centamore of Cupcake Charlies (Mashpee, Mass.), Alyssa Magliato of The Perfect Circle Cupcakery (Orange, Calif.) and Erica Tucker of Sweet E's Bake Shoppe (Los Angeles).


bunnyC said...

How exciting! I hope he wins!!
I also hope you're enjoying your time away. I'll be looking forward to when you return.

Leigh said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Very exciting. Good Luck to him.

Jaime said...

Woo Hoo... I'm actually watching a DVR'd episode of cupcake wars now LOL... each week I anxiously check to see if it's the week he's going to be on... so thanks for the update :)

Hope you are doing well :)
Talk to you soon,

Jeanne Nielsen said...

Wow! Proud and anxious mom! Best of luck to him -- I'll be home so I'll be watching!

Sylvia said...

What a cute picture! Isn't it great when you see success and all the things you went through paying off with your kids! Tell him congratulations! I would love to eat one of his delicious cupcakes! Where are you with your cards, on permanent vacation? Have a wonderful Sunday!

LeAnne said...

Darn, I wish I had cable....I'll be waiting to hear the sweet results!

Debbie Pamment said...

Wishing him all the very best!!! PLEASE post the results - we don;t get that show Downunder and I'd love to know how he goes!

Shannon said...

I will be setting my DVR tonight, in case I forget to tune in during the broadcast. How exciting!!!!

Regina Cornelius said...

oh Donna - you must be so proud of him!! how awesome! that is one of my favorite shows, i will definitely be tuning in!!!