Wednesday, May 26



Hey everyone!!!! do you remember early this year I told you something exciting was happening with my brother and sister in law and my son and his wife's cupcake shops? Well, I can share this news today!!!! THEY ARE ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! I am soooooooo excited, well have been since March actually! LOL!!!! and I hope you will be too!

CUPCAKE CHARLIE'S was invited to submit an audition tape
to the FOOD NETWORK for their new show called CUPCAKE WARS! They then were chosen to go to Hollywood with all their pans and utensils and PLAY!!!! See the audition tape BELOW and make sure you come back to see the show!!!!!

ALSO CONGRATS to CUPCAKE CHARLIE'S for winning BEST OF SOUTHERN MASSACHUSETTS BAKERY!!! YESTERDAY!!!!!!! Awesome job for being open just 1 all better remember that name!!!!! Move over SPRINKLES!!!!! Charlie is in the house!


click here for full screen view


Patti J said...

OMG Donna, that video was SO much fun! I can't wait until the show!!!! Be sure to remind us! I'm going to put it on my calendar now. I am their 1st non-family fan!!! Hugs!

LeAnne said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Now I WANT one! Boohoo!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

Wow! I sort of know a celebrity! Tell your son that when he wants to sell a franchise, I've got a spot in mind! I'm not sure that my cupcake box will ever look as good as yours though!

Sharyn Bouck said...

And to think that I was there last year on the very first day they opened! It was such a cute place with all the retro equipment. I wish I could have gotten back after the grand opening; some day!

Up All Night Stamper said...

Shut UP! Get OUT! NO WAY!!! That is so awesome and exciting!

And you know what else is a total panic? Do you know Jamie Cuddire? She is my cousin's wife! She brags to us about you guys all the time!


Go Cupcake Charlie's!!!!

Chantal said...

It's nice to see people make there dream come true! Way to go Cupcake Charlie's!

debb said...

How cool! When is the show on TV? Last fall we made a trip to Plymouth and one of my must dos was to go to the store and try a cupcake (delicious!) all because of your blog. Was hoping to see you there but you were not there.