Friday, March 26

QUICK Birthday Card

Here is a QUICK and EASY birthday card! Use the petal from Pick A Petal and emboss it to make a bow. Then take a piece of cardstock and dry emboss that to make a box, add some ribbon and a tag and you are good to go. Just 5 minutes and you are done! Have a great weekend. Enjoy~


Lisa Atha said...


What a cute idea, I never would have thought of this!


Lisa Atha

Anne said...

Wow, this is a stunning piece of art. Love clean and simple. Hugs x

Jean McKenzie said...

Another one of your great ideas Donna. A lovely simple card for those times when you are running way behind - tell me about it!

Debbie Pamment said...

Oh HOW CLEVER!!!! If I could just spend a day inside your head I could learn soo much!

Leonie said...

How clever!