Wednesday, March 17


Top of the mornin' to all of my Irish friends and those of you who pretend to be! I myself don't have a lick 'o Irish in me pants but, I sure luv havin' me corned beef this ev'nin! How did I do with the brogue! Hehehehehehheheeee. Well here is a card I did for the occasion wishing you all good luck in the drawing this afternoon! The contest has officially been closed and Random Integer will be picking the lucky winner at 11:00 and I will announce the winner at NOON! So come on back....see you soon!


Chantal said...

I honestly hope to be the lucky winner! Your card is beautiful, original too! Love it! I will definetly be back and see who won!

Leonie said...

Hahaha! I just realised I have always read your posts with an Aussie accent, now it's Irish! lol!

What a great card :)

Debbie Pamment said...

Perfect choice of images and DPs - like celtic knots! I don't think any of us needed luck - we were lucky just to be a part of the fun!

Lisa Atha said...


Awesome card! I love to see all of the St. Patty's day cards! I am just a wee bit Irish, but my husband is approx. 75% Irish, so we celebrate it in our house minus the beer though. Yuck.


Lisa Atha