Monday, March 29

Giggie and Rudy...and a special friend

Sometimes, the generosity (for all intents and purposes), of strangers in your life is just too much to understand. I have a blogging friend Jaime, whom I have known since the days when I would submit cards to the Color Inspiration at Kristina Werners blog. We would always leave notes for one another and once and a while even send an email or two. Then last year when I was in Las Vegas we almost hooked up for coffee but one thing led to another and it never happened. For over a year she barely posted on her blog, and I missed her bright smiley notes, then she had a baby of her own and still was quiet on her blog. I prodded her a few weeks ago to write and she sent me a darling picture of her new baby. Then, I saw what that little one was holding and couldn't believe my eyes. I don't want to write a novel here becuase it is a long, long story but, to cut it short she was holding the exact copy of my son's "infant to 12 years old" teddy bear. He is now 31 and had thrown the teddy out when he was 17 during a move to my dismay. What was he thinking LOL! Anyway, Rudy has been rediscovered! I wrote Jaime to find out if it was hers as a child, with hope because my son and she are about the same age. She kindly wrote back to tell me it was not hers, and that it was just a prop that Sears had in the photography department. Then, the sweetest note arrived for me today. This sweet, big hearted girl went back to Sears, looked at the tag on the Teddy Bear, went home, got on Ebay and searched for a twin, bought it, and is having it delivered to me! Can you believe that. I do not deserve a friend like that, I am just in awe of her pure and selfless kindness. PLEASE go over to her blog, and see her smiling face and tell her hello! Jaime Burns I love you, and like I said in my note to you this morning I am going to shout this story to all my readers so they can smile too! Talk about RAK! ~thanks Jaime!
Now for this card, it does not have too much stamping on it because it was made with altered punch shapes, and it is for my grand daughter who is two. She has a little worn out bunny that she calls Giggie (geeky) and this looks just like him. So, I am giving this card to her for Easter. ~Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful story... brought tears to my eyes... and the new puppy is darling... I'm off to check Jaime's blog...


Debbie Pamment said...

Oh WOW!! What an AMAZING story - what an AMAZING woman Jaime sounds! But you must know only another amazing person can elicit that kind of friendship!

And another cute card too btw!

Shelia said...

Hmmm seems like I know someone just like Jaime.

Love the card.

LeAnne said...

What a sweet story and a wonderful friend! Cute card for a cute granddaughter, too!

Leonie said...

Your card is so sweet, and your story even sweeter! I think stampers are the most generous people in the world!

Jean McKenzie said...

What a wonderful story Donna!! Jaime is indeed a gorgeous person to do that for you! Love the bunny card too - very cute!

Denise said...

Very sweet story. I love the adorable card.
Aloha & Hugs,

Jaime said...

Donna- Oh my goodness!!! You are so super sweet...I felt so bad that you were so upset about Rudy...I just had to find him...or at least his twin brother ;) You are such an amazing friend... even though we've never met, you have always been so kind to me... always sending such encouraging words my way... and even making sure we kept in touch when I was pregnant and wasn't doing much posting on my blog :( I am thankful for having met you (online)...and hopefully we will be life-long friends. You are so very inspiring... and so very creative and I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrolling through your blog & all your super cute projects, you are such an inspiration to me!

I hope we can meet one day soon... :) Until then... I look forward to checking in on your blog each day :)

Hugs :)

Elaine said...

you are very lucky to have a friend like Jaime. What a wonderful surprise gift. The card for your granddaughter is very cute.

Anonymous said...

I love your bunny, what punches did you use?

Vince B said...

What a wonderful card Donna love the little stars in her eyes and a great story too.
I'm genuinely surprised and heart warmed at the kindness of most crafters.
We've had huge boxes of RAK sent over from online firends in America where the cost of postage alone was $45.
Crafters are just the BEST! :0)

Thank you for sharing that amazing story, I hope you both get together some day soon.
Vince X

Kadie in Arizona said...

What an amazing story Donna. Sounds like Jamie is one of those blogging friends that came into your life for many purposes and is sharing her greatness with you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with all of us - truly moved me! I'm off to view Jamie's blog.