Wednesday, March 17

...and the winner is.......

WOWZA you guys rocked me out of the universe with all your awesome posts. I'd like to take a moment to say a few things and to be quite serious. I was deeply touched by all of your kind words. You have truly inspired me to continue with my blogging and keep making cards. I had recently come to a crossroad, and I have been trying to decide which avenue to take. Many opportunities have presented themselves to me recently, and the process of stamping in a broader direction has also come to light. I have been thinking about my options for some time, and when I opened up this contest I never dreamed that it would be you guys to help me in the decision making. However, after reading your blogs and seeing the wonderful cards you've created, I have decided to continue with this blog and to open a new chapter on it. I will be revealing that in the coming months, but for right now I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me with that decision. I also want to thank each and everyone of you who participated in the contest, showing me your hard work deciphering my style. You really, really got it! I was so tickled to open each blog entry to see such surprises! I think by the sentiments in your posts that you enjoyed it too! Now, the time has come for me to give back. So, let's see who the Random Integer picked for that awesome grand prize shall we? But, before I reveal the winner I ask all of you who entered a card and left a comment with it to look in your email box for a special consolation prize from me! I hope you will have fun with it!!!!! Now without any further ado, drum roll please...the winner of the BUTTERNUTSAGE CONTEST for 200,000 visitors is........

CONGRATULATIONS Brooke won't you please send me your snail mail address so I can send you that crisp $100 bill! Now, everyone go take a peek at Brooke's creation ala Donna! Thanks for playing... and I'll see soon!!!~


Chantal said...

Congratulation Brooke! Thank you Donna for this great give away! Your inspiration will keep growing on me!
P.S.: I had enter 2 give away contest and came close in both.

It's seems I entered just one number to early. I'm still very happy with the consolation prize. I will give it a try and create a beautiful hat card.

Thanks again Donna!

Tasha said...

Im so glad you will continue to blog Donna, your cards are stunning and i learnt alot about my own style and how unrefined it is through this contest. Cant wait to see more inspiring work from you

love tasha xx

Annette Bowes said...

Hi Donna, Congratulations Brooke! Thankyou for the template shall download later, shall have making it! So can't wait to see what you are going to get up to, very interesting these crossroads we keep coming to in our lives, take careX:)

Mary Lou said...

Yeah Congrats Brooke!!!! Thank you Donna---so gracious and everyone's entry was really cool to see!!
Glad to hear you will continue blogging Donna--enjoy your elegance and inspiration :))))

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Very Very happy to hear you will still be with us, Donna! Congrats to Brooke! Your card was very "Donna-esque". Will be here again ... over and over!!! :D Thanks for touching my life and helping me with inspiration, Donna! Hugs, Andrea xxx

Leonie said...

Congrats to Brooke, lucky you:)

I am so glad you are not going to call it quits here, I would miss your lovely creations so very much!


viv sawyer said...

Congrats Brooke...Everyone's cards were so lovely. Donna, you do great work..never stop.

Brooke S said...


Did I ever tell you that both my grandma's are named Donna.. LOVE IT!

I about fell of my chair and yelled WHAT!! It totally took me of guard.. HOW COOL!!!

DONNA You are so generous I am totally ordering stamps etc with it. I will post the goods on my blog for sure... And LINK it to you of course!!!

I love your style and had a BLAST making the card that resembled you.. It was one of the most realizing and enjoyable cards I have made in a LONG time.. Thanks for that little oasis...

If you DON'T have Donna on your blog roll YOU NEED TO ADD HER you don't want to miss out..

Donna have great tutorials and and such a classy style you will be inspired...



Debbie Pamment said...

Congratulations Brooke - can I have theh M&M's - LOL!
And congrats to you too dearest Donna - I popped in to check some of the entries and you must have been walking on cloud 9 to see such amazing creations inspired by YOU!
I'm not sure what you're planning for your future - but know we LOVE your style - you are one VERY talented artist and a true gem of a person too!

Brooke S said...

I am still pinching myself and finding al sorts of fun think to think about getting.. You really are so very generous... Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.. <3