Friday, February 19


Do you know what KISS means to stampers? Keep It Simple Silly! Well, I couldn't resist and wanted to show you this quick in a flash card that is super simple that I made for PPA ! Just take a piece of DSP and cut it into 1/3 and 2/3 and layer it on your card front then make a square or rectangle to fit your image. An easy way to decide on the size for your image, is to make the image layer the same size as the mounting block it comes with and then add 1/8" to the base layer to frame it out! Easy as can be! I also stamped another train section on the inside of the card for the sentiment! Please excuse the marks on the white paper it was the last piece I had and it had already been stamped on, on the other side :( ........ Enjoy! It's warming up here YIPPEE!!!!!


Debbie Pamment said...

WOW Donna - I thought you were meant to be on HOLIDAY - and you're stamping up a storm - LOL!!! I just can't keep up with you and all the amazing "limited supplies" creations you are coming up with! Some fabulous ideas - but then I've come to expect that when I drop in!!!!

Shelia said...

I thought that was cinders from the engine. That is what you should have said. You inspire me in so many ways. reminding me of the 1/3 rule and less is more. charming little card, I love it.

Linda Callahan said...

Interesting how we look at things -I thought the black marks were motion marks like the train was chugging along! Perfect KISS card and some great instructions to go along with it - adorable! Thanks for playing @PPA!

Ann Schach said...

I'm with Linda! I thought you had motion marks accentuating the locomotive! Such a cute card! Thanks for playing @ PPA!