Monday, January 18

My Stampin' UP! space and Storage Ideas!

Hey there and Happy Monday to you!
Today I am still in the chaos of renovating my son's home and have no cards to show. Stamping time is on hold for the month and I am so bummed. I travel 40 minutes to get to Plymouth to his home and open the door for the contractors, as well as do some work myself. This weekend my husband and I did some construction on a beautiful marble topped storage area and hung some blue board to get ready for plastering. Today I get to go and buy all the trim and beadboard and start priming for the paint finish! I love doing work like this but not when there is a deadline!!!!
Anyhow, I just joined the Stampin' Connection a place for all the Stampin' UP! demonstrators to hang out and one area of interest is Stamping Spaces! I downloaded these pics over there and thought I would share an update with you! As many of you already know, I live in a 1920's home and still I am able to create a fun stamping space in the basement, bumpy granite walls and all. I hope it sparks some storage ideas for you as too! I especially like the small compact Big Shot station! The girls finish their Card Organizing Album on Thursday so maybe I'll post their pics then!!!! Enjoy, and have a good week!

Class sign up area

Below, is where I take my pictures for my blog. I just change out the background from dark to light depending on the card color. A great hint from Sylvia! when she answered my question about a blueish haze in my pictures!!!! Many people have asked why the tennis balls. I am just particular and it saves the floor from marring! PLUS they make moving the chairs very quiet!!!

Big Shot area, everything is within arms reach!

Here I display cards we are going to make, or some that are favorites for the moment!

Here is a picture of our glitter station and refreshment area!

Lastly, some storage and project display shelves!


Sylvia said...

Very, Very nice! And bright for a basement! Love it!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Where do you keep all your stamps? Surely this can't be all your stuff, right. Do you have it in another room?

A Latte Stampin said...

I love this...we do not have basement here. I guess it has something to do with being below sea level HEHE! Wish I did though. Such nice rooms.

Lindam530 said...

Very nice, clean and well organized! TFS

Debbie Pamment said...

Oooh - can you come and organise MY stamping space!! This is fabulous! LOVE the idea of a glitter station - LOL.
Good luck with your son's renos - we're re-plastering DDs room atm and that's taking enough time!

Leigh said...

Wow, what a fantastic area you have Donna. All so neat and tidy and clean. So much space.

Shelia said...

Oh me, please send the organizing fairies to my house. This is so wonderful. That is why your creations are always so wonderful. No clutter to distract you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Norine said...

Hi Donna love your space I am green right now LOL very nice look forward to your cards when you finish all that work ha

Debi said...

We are considered remodeling our own home. Can I ask what did it cost to have your very own special stamp room? I would love to have something like that, and I think hubby would go for it if it wasn't too costly.

Kathy said...

oh my! that space is a dream! mine is on the kitchen/dining room table, in a rolling cart, 2 cabinets in the laundry room and a closet in the study! *sigh* hubs keeps saying "next house, next house"

Treasure Queen said...

Hi Donna - I haven't visited yr blog for a while and I just love your stamping area - it's so neat - especially the tennis ball feet - I love them - they are totally cool! And I love your big shot bench etc - we are getting this in Australia in April I think and we are so excited!!
Jenny in Aus

teresa said...

Great stamping space! I have been organizing my space and love your ribbon storage. Where did you find the wire baskets?


Joyce said...

Love it!!! very efficient.