Monday, January 11

All's Well that ends well.......and MOJO 121

Oh what a night....can't you just hear that song playing now LOL!!! Well, all things worked out okay. No water in the basements on the street, and no cost to any of us who live here. Oh the blessing......but our lovely brand new (3 years old) street has a big scar :( We are so protective of our neighborhood and now it is damaged. Hey, I am just glad the city took care of it albeit 2:00 am to 5:00 am! I had to be 40 minutes away from my house at 7:30 am so I am not the brightests of bushy eyed today...however I did manage to make a card for MOJO Monday! I took a little liberty in the sketch and made an upside down pocket surprise card! I intentionally left it void of sentiment so I can add that later. I will also add a message to the back of the pocket insert card. Hope you like it....I'll see you soon, and thanks for stopping by! Enjoy.....


Karen said...

Hey there Donna! Wow!! I'm just reading all the goings on! What a thing to wake up to in the dead of night! lol I think I would have died of fright!

At least all is well and there's been no damage to your home! Thats just super!

Oh, I love your card too - those big hearts are lovely!


Marilyn said...

So glad that all is well that ends well!! I am just getting back into blogging again after a major move, and a computer crash to boot. So glad to start the new year! I've got a new blog - stop by if you get a chance.

LeAnne said...

Oh my, I am glad everything turned out okay! This is such a soft, pretty card, I love it! TFS! Now go get some sleep!

Lisa Atha said...


What a cute card!

Sorry for my absense and thanks for the get well wishes you left on my blog. I actually stamped and blogged today! Imagine that! haha. I should be feeling much better by the end of the week.



Debbie Pamment said...

Gorgeous card - not sure how you could create something this sweet after the the sleepless night you had - can't believe the time they do road work in your neck of the woods!!!!!
Hope your water woes are sorted now!

Shelia said...

You were surely blessed with no more damage then what occurred by solving the problem. Sorry for all the aggravation of it. I work in a plumbing office, and the horror stories have been plentiful this week because of the 8 day freeze. Today we will be in the 40's so maybe some of the pipes will begin to thaw. The card is beautiful, big bright lovely hearts, just like yours.