Friday, November 6

POLYGON BOX ~Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

WOW you are all unbelievable.
Thanks so much for purchasing the tutorial for the Polygon Christmas Box! The demand was unexpected but so appreciated, and I have received some lovely notes as well. Here is just a peek from my blog friend Debbie Pamments version. She really put me to shame with this little treasure! It is just luscious don't you think? She'd love for you to stop by and say hello, so go on now! I hope you'll share the ones you make with me as well, so send me a picture. I cannot wait to see them all! ENJOY! ~Donna


Debbie Pamment said...

Aaww shux, thanx for the kind word and the link - can't wait to see other versions! Told you it was a great tutorial!!!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Loved Debbie's name - hexagonal box. Now I can't stop thinking of it as a "hex" box (and it's not even a Halloween decorated one.) Told a friend to check out your hex box and she couldn't stop laughing knowing you were much to nice to "hex" anyone or anything.

Then she called me back and said it was a polygon box. Hmm...poly box just doesn't have the same appeal - LoL!

Jean McKenzie said...

Yes it is a great tutorial Donna! Now for some time to make it up - love your little version and Debbie's as well!

Hugs, J