Wednesday, October 14

Scary Halloween Card

Hey there!
I hope you are enjoying your day! It is a typical bright sunnny, warm colored day here in the northeast albeit a bit more chilly than I like, but beautiful all the same. There are more pinecones and acorns then I can remember in recent years. I hope that isn't a sign of a rough winter, because I cannot handle a lot of snow! AGH....let's not think about it today.
Yesterday I was helping to do some detective work at my son's new "old" house and we had to take up some flooring. It was the old linoleum rug patterns from the 50's! So cool and retro, I am sure I could have sold it on ebay for megabucks but, I have NO patience. However, when we lifted up the floor we found it had all been lined with newspapers from back in the day. Well, you know the day stopped there and I was reading for the next hour LOL! Anyhow, the date was May 17th 1953.....I realized I was just 11 days old when the floor was put down! No wonder the house sags, and creeks and just plain looks like it needs a re do! Oh if my body could be transformed that easily! LOL....enough laughing now.......let's move along and I'll explain this card instead!
Here I used a watercolor wash that I found in a great tutorial from Andrea Walford. Next, I used several stamp sets to create this scene. First I used House of Haunts and stamped it in versa mark on the bottom edge of my paper and embossed it in black. Then I used Embrace Life to make branches for my cute or scary rub on crows to sit on. I added a few sentiments, and now I have a great card to demonstrate at my next card class. I hope you like it too! See you soon!~Donna


Debbie Pamment said...

OK - you've managed to give me a good laugh and show me some wonderful eye candy all in one post - you are a star for sure!

Shannon said...

I love this card Donna! I also have a confession to make - it doesn't scare me one bit! Probably because I know the maker and she's far from spooky ;)

Sue - 'TILLYMINT' said...

Hi Donna,
Oh you are a funny lady!!!! I would have been a couple of months older than you and I know just what you mean! This card is beautiful the colours you achieved are great very inspiring.

Ace said...

Sweet Donna,

I am so happy that you periodically "pop in" to say hello and leave such kind remarks. Such a simple thing, but really- it makes my day.

I don't know much about you either, (other than the fact that you are one talented mama!) but I must say that I'll bet we'd get along famously. And the fact that you love Nie and Cjane too, makes me thing you're my kind of gal!

You really make me want to get back in to card making-looove your work!


Sylvia said...

I love the card Donna. I laughed at your description of the old floor in comparison to your body. I went to my first water therapy aerobics class today. I hope I feel as good tomorrow as I did today. My goodness, where does all the time go?!

LeAnne said...

VERY cool card, and not so scary--just cool! Yes, I get easily sidetracked when interrupted in a project by something intriuging---like a 1953 newspaper! It's just that time of our lives....stop & read the paper!

Lisa Atha said...


Oooo this is an awesome card. So perfect for halloween.

Lisa Atha

travelingmama said...

WHOAH! This is INCREDIBLE, Donna! Seriously, WOW!! The sky is amazing!! Hugs from Morocco!

Susan said...

Fantastic Halloween card..really spooky!

helen said...

Beautiful as always, Donna. I usually do not read long posts, but I always enjoying reading yours. Thanks for sharing your creations as well as your day.

Anonymous said...

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