Monday, September 7

PAPER CUTS # 34 PLUS Kit option!

Was I missing in action last week or what! I cannot believe how busy I have been, and unfortunately some things have had to be re juggled and not updated as often. I was able to go out to breakfast one morning with a friend of mine, that I have not seen for 10 months and we were remarking on just how busy we are! We are actually more busy now then when our children were being car pooled from activity to activity. I could not have imagined that it would EVER have been worse than that but, here I am to tell you it is! LOL! I hope I will see you more this week!

Anyway, I had time on Saturday morning to make a Paper Cuts Card and to assemble this months PAPER CUTS KIT! Then it was off to do construction on my son and his wife's "new" old home! here is the scoop on this week's PAPER CUTS! ENJOY!

I just love Plum and Moss together and it makes for such a pretty fall color combination too! Here you can use this card for birthdays, thinking of you, thank you and even a Thanksgiving Card! PLUS!!!! If you don't have time to cut all the pieces yourself you have the option of getting the kit with everything you need all ready for you to just sit down and assemble lickity split!


Debbie Pamment said...

Beautiful colours together - soo glad you found time for yourself and your craft! Hopefully it's a "happy" busy and not a stressed one!
Look after yourself

Shelia said...

I have not used these colors together. It is beautiful. So clean cut.