Saturday, August 15

What a difference a year makes! Stephanie Nielson

BALLOONS FOR STEPHANIELast year on this day my life changed for the better. When I reflect back to why, I feel small and insignificant, but most of all inspired. The story began ..."a Utah mother of four was seriously burned in..." and I was hooked from then on.
Tonight Stephanie Nielson will mark her miraculous one year of recovery by hiking the Provo BYU "Y". If you need to be inspired when things are just not going the way you envisioned then read her story on the Nieniedialogues blog site. For those of you who have been following this story for this past year, there has been a surprise today in the paper with Nie's picture as she was being interviewed. She is radiant! ~Enjoy


Shelia said...

Thanks for directing us to that blog. I had not heard about it. That is an amazing story.

Tawnya said...

It is an am amazing story. She has changed so many lives, including mine!

Gerimander said...

I have been reading Nie's blog for months now - mining the treasures she wrote before the accident and drawing inspiration from her strength in recovery.

She is truly beautiful - and while we are unlikely ever to meet in person, I am grateful that the Internet has introduced her to me along with thousands of others who have learbed so much from her!