Wednesday, August 26


Hi everyone!
Well today, I will be happily delirious, and legally on drugs! WHAT!!!! Yup it is my annual colonoscopy and although the prep is not fun, the payoff is worth it. I don't know what they give you when you have the procedure, but boy is it fun! LOL! It kinda makes the it all worth while.
BUT SERIOUSLY, my mom died of colon cancer 16 years ago and it could have been prevented with a little knowledge and screening. So, if you are over 40 with a history in your family do not delay in early screening. Otherwise, mark your 50th birthday with a good "clean" bill of health! It's life saving.
I'll be back tomorrow when my head clears from the funny juice, for another fun card. In the meantime I am going to enjoy this! See you then! ~Donna


Norine said...

good luck need to make my appt just hate the prep but love the drugs LOL

Andrea said...

Good for you for getting checked. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for doing the deed. Love your blog also.submi

Linda Lou said...

Yeah Donna ... way to go! (Pun pun ...) Unfortunately when I had mine I wasn't 'out' all the way and it wasn't very fun. I've dreaded going back to have another one. Maybe this time they can make sure that I'm out!

Helen said...

Glad that you had your annual checked.
Love your back to school goodies.

iamtutu said...

What a cute idea! On a serous note, way to go on the yearly check up. My husband's best friends mother just had surger for colan cancer, we are praying for the best.

Debbie Pamment said...

Hope it all went well - my hubby and sister have been there - must ask my doc about ME! It's soo great you've inspired people to take care of themselves! A friend of mine had a mammogram "just because" I had one and she thought "why not" - it saved her life!!!! Don't underestimate the power of these messages!!!

Carol said...

I'm happy your happy! :o)

GREAT card by the way!!

This is one set that I refuse to get rid of!! :o)