Monday, August 10


Hey everyone!

I had the best weekend this weekend. Even though I was working I had lots of fun. I guess it is really difficult to get grumpy when you are surrounded by sugar and cupcakes huh! It's the next best thing to stamping! This weekend sparked a quick glimpse of the fall to come if you got up early enough in the morning to feel it. The air was crisp and refreshing. So we made French Toast Cupcakes at Cupcake Charlie's....oh my goodness. They were scruptuliscious! YUMMY!!!!! I think they are going to be on the menu for Sunday mornings come fall, so if you are in the area come visit me and try one for yourself.
OKAY, now for PAPERCUTS! Here is a simple, simple, simple layout but it makes a pretty card. Have fun checking out the dimensions here.
I am on vacation this week and will be taking day trips with Carly and Colin and finishing up doctor appointments so if I am a little absent you'll know why! Have a good day!~Donna


Debbie Pamment said...

French Toast Cupcakes - my word!!! It's such a good thing for my waistline that I'm so far away - LOL.

Gorgeous card as always - love it!

Paula Barin said...

Pretty card...very romantic.
Enjoy your vacation!

Shelia said...

That is just too pretty for words. And the cupcake to die for. May I ask what flavor icing you put on it? Maple flaavored?

Sylvia said...

Donna, I definitely need to know what French Toast cupcakes are? The card is wonderful, how do you get you white to stamp so well or is it embossed? I left you an award on my blog. I posted early tonight. YOu will need to read last nights to see what you should do with the award. What is Cupcake Charlie's?

LeAnne said...

Oooh, so pretty....this is one stamp set I had to have and don't use enough! Love these colors together!

Wendy said...

Wholy Beautiful!