Wednesday, August 5

A Mother's Love POP UP CARD

Hey everyone!
How goes it for all of you today. I hope you have had a chance to carve out some time for stamping.
Today is my mom's birthday. You wouldn't think I'd make a big deal of it, it isn't a mile stone birthday bt any means. But to me I always remember her, on her special day. Even though she has been away from us for over 16 years, I like to give her a big bouquet of flowers. Today I decided to remember her with a card too. Her favorite flowers were Sterling Roses, and seeing as I just ordered Fifth Avenue this month, I decided to try a new kind of card today using that set.
Have you ever tried a pop up card? WOW, it is so much fun and you don't really know what it will look like until you finish it. I enjoyed making it, because it gave me time to think while I was doing it. I was able to reflect on how deep a mother's love really is, and I came to realize that no matter how old you get you still have that tie to your mom. So, go make a phone call if you can and tell your mom just how great she really is and how much she means to you. If you can't then take a moment to think of her and then shout it to the moon! Enjoy the rest of your day!~Donna


Grace said...

This is beautiful and how sweet to remember you mom on her special day with a card! Is there a tutorial on how to do this? BTW... thanks for the comment on SCS.. but my name is Grace not Phylis! :) If there's a tutorial I'd love a link!

Thanks so much!

rebecca said...

another stunning card...and i also wonder if there is a tutorial...or is this something you it.

Helen said...

Hi Donna,
Another lovely card! You are so creative. I haven't seen this stamp being use like this yet.
Like the lady have said a tutorial would be great.

"Tillymint" said...

Beautiful Card Donna,
It's so good to sit doing things you love is'nt it.
Looks like a tutorial is called for!!!!

Carol said...

OH... My... buttons!!
This is just GORGEOUS!!

Shelia said...

Beautiful card, and the muted colors are beautiful. I can't tell by the picture, but is the green leaves cut out and pieced on? Beautiful thought also.

Debbie Pamment said...

A beautiful card with a beautiful story behind it! The wonder we hold our mum's in when we become parents ourselves is amazing - I'll be calling my mum tomorrow for a chat! I wish my dad could have a chat with me too - I still hear his laugh after 26 years so I know how reflecting on our loved ones can be so important! I'm sure your mum loves this wherever she is!

Anonymous said...

Donna your card is simply gorgeous, and your story brought a tear to my eye. This is so beautiful, I love the way the roses pop off the page and of course the purple is an instant winner with me :)

Danielle K said...

I'm sorry I never got to meet Grammy and thank her for the wonderful legacy of her beautiful daughter and grandchildren (and now great grandchildren!). Do you know I have always remembered Mike and Lisa telling me about her special purple roses? :)

Kathynruss said...

Beautiful card. Wish I could call up my Mom or send her one. Value your Mom while you have her. Precious, indeed.