Monday, August 3


I was going to launch a brand new feature on my blog called KWIK KARDZ KITS! It was to be a supplement to my PAPER CUTS, but easier for you who were just too busy to carve out time to cut the pieces to my Paper Cuts. I was taking my PAPER CUTS to the next level and was going to sell a kit with all the pieces for you to assemble at home. After thinking about the idea some more I decided against it. HOWEVER! I have an awesome site for you to visit that does just that. Why not click the on the link and hop on over to Kerin's blog and see what she has to offer this month. If you haven't already seen her style you will be delighted with what she offers. She is a very talented girl with a fresh clean style that is perfect for making a striking card in a jiffy. Enjoy your day, and I'll see you real soon! ~Donna


A Latte Stampin said...

Beautiful Donna! I will miss not meeting you, hopefully next year. I will post what I see when I get back.
(But you know someone will post before I do through SCS, I lived at my Puter last year, bless them!)
This is my first vacation away since before Lilli was born, so not taking the laptop. Going to relax and enjoy everything!!!!

Shelia said...

Beautiful, love the color combo