Monday, August 10


AGHHHH It is thundering here, and I am a baby when it comes to lightening so I may have to make this post quick. I would like to thank Sylvia Nelson for nominating me for the circle of friends award. I met her a long time ago (over a year) on Kwerner's blog and we have become blogging friends. She is very talented and has been a guest designer on Color Throwdown. We have shared many notes back and forth and I love hearing from her on a regular basis. Thanks Sylvia for thinking of me in such a dear way. Now, I have met a lot of fine ladies blogging and many have huge blogs of their own and lots and lots of awards. So, it was difficult for me to honor just five. However, some ladies have been very sweet to me and I would like to return the compliments. Debbie P. I am skipping you because you are huge! But I am sending you a very special hug though. The first girl I would like to honor as a blogging friend is Shelia, she always comments on my creations and even writes me personal notes. Please take a look at ther blog for some fabulous inspiration and wonderful human insight, she has been so sweet to me. Next I would like to introduce Shannon, she is a dear blogging friend with a heart that she has extended to help me when I need to talk about my grandson who has Aspergers Syndrome. She has been the angel I needed. Her blog is full of fun family activities and awesome cards, so please take a visit to see what she is offering. Norine is my next choice as she has become a frequent commenter on my blog too! Norine has the greatest 3D items on her blog so check them out too! Lastly I want to recognize, Leanne. I know she is way too busy for this award stuff but she is awesome too! SO go take a peek at her blog, and see what great ideas she has!


Shelia said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know what to say, except THANK YOU. I am speechless. I too have enjoyed this new found friendship. Card making has brought me to so many nice people, and you are one of the special ones. I love the inspiration you give not only in creativity but your insight on life also. When I am down, I can go to your blog and instantly find something that cheers me back up. Thanks a lot. (p.s. I almost got my strangled on my coffee this morning as I was reading, what a surprise).

LeAnne said...

Thanks, Donna! I appreciate each & every one of my blogging friends and this means a lot to me!!! I am constantly in awe of YOUR creations---you are certainly very deserving of any award!!!

Shannon said...

Oh Donna, you are making me cry! What sweet words and I am so honored that I have been able to be used by God to help someone else out. I often feel like I am getting more out of our email relationship than you are and it's good to know that I'm giving and not just doing all of the taking :). Thank you for the kind words and I think you are very special! Your talent drew me to your blog, but your heart is what is keeping me here. I value our relationship very much. Hugs!