Tuesday, July 21


Hi everyone, how goes it in your neck of the woods.

Get it? The picture is taken in my woods! Okay so I am not very funny, but I am sincere and would like to say "Thanks" for all the lovely comments you have been leaving. I feel badly about not answering them all individually but, I have a fabulous summer cold, which along with working has really challenged my time to chat or create something new. However, today I have this cute little Petal Gusset pouch for you to take a peek at. I love it, and I love how sturdy it is. It will easily hold a package of M&M's (large package) or any candy for that matter. I can even put my camera in it. Of course I couldn't show that because the camera was in the pouch! LOL! What was I thinking! Duh. See I am telling you my brain just isn't co operating.

Anyway my point is this, the pouch is big enough and sturdy enough to hold a small, but heavy gift without losing it's shape. It has to do with the construction, and using just one sheet of paper! I have a pdf for you over on my sidebar under Get My Boxes, etc. If you need it, then go check it out! Have a great day, and I will see you back here soon! ~Donna


Shelia said...

What do you mean if I need it? Of course anything you make I have to case it. this is as pretty and it is functional. Sorry about your cold. This time of year they are the pits.

A Latte Stampin said...

Cute...get better soon!

Debbie Pamment said...

Sorry to hear you're not well - hope you're feeling on top of the world soon!
Sorry I haven't popped in for a visit lately - got a bad plate of prawns and wasn't too well - fine pair we are - LOL
Have been playing catch up - love all the bold colours you've been using lately on your cards!