Wednesday, July 1



This will not be a regular feature on my blog but, I thought you may like an idea to try! PLUS, I will pick my favorite card for a prize, so you may want to enter!

Please check below to see the cards that entered!

I love doing challenges for the simple reason they make me think outside of my box and comfort zone. As you can gather from visiting me I love elegant refined cards. I find them the easiest for me to do and I just fall into the creation aspect of doing them. On the other hand I find it extremely difficult to do a more graghic style such as that of Kristina Werner, or the beyond belief creativity of Sankari Wexler or even the clean style like that of Kerin Sylvester, without having to case them exactly.

SO, by doing challenges each week,that I have found on other creative blogs , I learn to use other materials, and layouts that stretch my ability to roam outside my limits.

Today I want to stretch yours. Are you ready? Looking at my card sample above it might be dificultto figure out what the challenge is, but it is very simple. The challenge is to use nothing but ink and stamps. NO EMBELLISHMENTS, NO LAYERS, NO RIBBON...NOTHING but ink and stamps!

Here I took a spray bottle from my laundry room and spritzed my paper (the NEW RICH RAZZLEBERRY) with bleach. It was a surpirse to see Barely Banana emerge beneath the depth of color! I used textured paper to add more interest and stamped my images in BASIC BLACK.

Now go see what you can do,

post your card in my comment section to this post, leaving a link that is direct. I am very excited to see what you are inspired to create! I'll be giving away a prize for my FAVORITE!!!!! I won't leave the choosing up to the RANDOM INTERGER EITHER, instead I'll let my heart pick!!!! Challenge ends at midnight on Monday July 6th, so hurry and go make me your sample!.


1. Stay within the parameters of the challenge

2. Link your card to my comment section for this links only so I can click and view ( I am lazy)

3. Be sure your comment is able to return to you when I click on your name so I can award my prize

( if your name appears in color the link works)

Shannon's Card
Regina's Card


LeAnne said...

Wow, this is VERY cool, have YOUR OWN style, you know that, right? But it is always fun to try something new!

Shannon said...

Hi Donna,

I now have my own craft room in our new home and haven't sat down to make a card yet (too much to get done) but I think I just might make this challenge my first card in our new home. I am glad I have a few days because this is definitely going to be a challenge!

Sue said...

Ohhhhh...beautiful. Now I have to go try and see what colours are hiding under the other In-Colours...this is stunning! TFS

Rel Squire (NZL) said...

Absolutely love what you have done with no embellishments and just stamping. Wow a terrific effect and love the colors and the set eastern blooms.Rel

Shannon said...

Hi Donna,

I sat down last night and made another attempt. I like this one much better than the first one (which no one will see, since it's on the opposite side and is now glued down!) I hope you enjoy. Thank you for the great challenge.

Regina Cornelius said...

Ok Donna, here you go:
I hope you like it - i was pleased when i finished it up :)