Friday, June 19

From Flip Flop to Sandal

OK you know how when
the water color roses were first introduced you just had to make them over and over, well that is how I feel about this adorable card. Yesterday I made it a bit Bohemian and called it a flip flop, but today I decided to make it for a pretend dream evening and will call it a sandal! If I had one place to be tonight for an event this would be it. I know it isn't a real event but, I love Grant's Park in Chicago, and would like to be wisked there today, to spend a romantic weekend with my hubby! I think it is my favorite all time city to visit, and I know it is his! Oh dreams are great aren't they, and sometimes they even come true. I hope you enjoy this version of yesterdays card hmmmmmm....I could enter this into a challenge right! LOL!!!!! Have a good weekend everyone, and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the men we love!


Debbie Pamment said...

Love the sophistication you've added - definitely a sandal not a flip flop - LOL. I like the picture you paint of a romantic trip away with hubby - wish mine didn't travel so much and would be home to whisk me away!

Shelia said...

Donna, I've never been to chicago, but I wish mine would whisk me away. I would love to have a real pair of sandals like these. These are so romantic. The perfect shade of green, then the little rose. The perfect touch. I've even got the perfect white sundress to wear with them. A BIG THANKS for the RAK card that you sent to my grandaughters friend. So much thought went into the card. The bird, then the courageous lion. This will be so encouraging to Ashley. I would love to meet you sometime, you seem to have so much love in your heart to share with everyone.

Twila said...

I love this invitation!

Cindy Major said...

This is so cute!! I love it!