Tuesday, June 16


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Hey everyone!
I am part of a group of girls whom have been together since the first day of school back in 1959! WOAH that felt odd to type. I don't think I know of any other group of school children who have remained friends and have regular outings for as long as we have. Anyway, we went to a Catholic Parochial School and were taunted by the kids that went to public school. We were called "fairies" and we called them "publics" LOL. Well, we have now graduated to the golden girls but, we still refer to ourselves as the St Mary's Fairies! To us it is endearing. This week we were together and had lots of laughs. After catching up on what was new, one of the "fairies" who is a fashion designer, and fabulous artist ( hi Cathy) looked at my blog and thought I may enjoy this poem. I immediately thought FIRST FATHERS DAY CARD and went to work to make one. I hope you'll enjoy it! REMEMBER there is nothing wrong with using your computer once and a while for sentiments!!!!! Just click on the picture to read the entire poem, and to see the front of the card. Have a great day!


Sheila said...

This is darling, especially the part about rain. I raised 5 sons. I love the blues and chocolate color together again.

June 16, 2009

Jean from jlfstudio said...

My Mom was part of such a group and most of them even went all the way through college together! When my Mom died(way to young at 60) the remaining members of the group adopted me. I felt so lucky and honored to hear stories of my Mom at lots of different ages and to be a part of this fantastic friendship circle. They even had a round robin newsletter that continued from High School(when members started to go separate ways) on through more than 50+ years after that! All of them are gone now and I still read and reread the old newsletters with great love and joy (I inherited my mom's collection as well as the later issues).

Enjoy your great good fortune in being part of such a unique group. Sounds like you have a truly talented group if this poem and your card are the usual examples.

Thanks for sharing the story and the card/poem. It's going to make the rounds of the internet for sure.

Hugs and blessings - Jean Fitch

Kristy said...

Gorgeous Donna!
P.s have nominated you for an award on my blog.