Wednesday, June 17


Good day everyone! I have a lot of pictures for you today!
One of the saddest times for me is when my Favorite Stamp Sets are put away for retirement. This year the set I will miss most is GOD'S BEAUTY! The Butterfly in this set is so easy to stamp and color and ALWAYS makes a WOW card. I have embossed it, vellumed it, shined it, dulled it, painted it and sprinkled it with glitter and last night was no exception. As a send off I had the girls take their sets (each one got one to take home) and make cards with it. I designed the first two and my dear friend Kerin made the best card ever using this set and we CASED her design! THEN I HAD THE GIRLS MAKE THEIR OWN!!!!!!

I cut out the paper pieces and gave them ribbon and the option to use anything in my stamp room to create their butterfly card. WOW did they impress me. In less than 15 minutes they all created extraordinary results! TAKE A LOOK!!!!!!!!

I couldn;t resist posting a picture of my grand daughter either. OH TO HAVE THOSE LIPS AT 56!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the gallery today! ~Donna

this is Kerin's card creation that we cased.

a sampling of all the new creations the girl's made

last night's class participants

their art gallery

WOW what a cool ribbon idea!


nancyruth said...

Wonderful post Donna! I love seeing your vcard and how you made it as well as your friends! And that GD is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Nancyruth

Debbie Pamment said...

Stunning creations - I just got this set and have been inspired by these fabulous cards!!
And your grand-daughter is a real cutie - just as much WOW factor as these gorgeous cards!

Kerin said...

WOW, those cards are absolutely stunning...I bet the girls had a blast with you that night! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Your grandbaby is adoreable... oh to have hair like that with no

God's Beauty is my favorite set too. It will make up such a simple yet elegant card. I too will miss it. And I love the idea's you've shared today. Thanx for sharing....