Tuesday, May 5


Oh my goodness! ALERT I NEED YOUR LINK!
I am sitting here in shock. I am surprisingly calm. Calm, because I believe the enormity of what I have done has not sunk in yet. WHAT*&*&%^%$&$ I have just single handedly in a flash deleted all, not some, not a few, not one but ALL of my favorite places. YIKES!
That means you! YOU my buddies! You are poofed into cyberspace, and I feel like I have lost my tether! My poor kitty thinks I have lost my mind...he is bewildered.
I am so frantic, yes it is beginning to set in right now. I am feeling tears well up under my eyelids, and I know it will be only moments before I am totally unconsolable.
I do not even know the address of my upline Kerin...see no link! Kerin send me a link please! And you guys too! Sankari, Sylvia, Dori, Kristy, Karen, Kristin, Kristina, Annie B, Sue, Lorraine! LORRAINE I just found you and now you are gone! Jeanna, Bev, Jen, Steph, Jennifer, Anthonette, Angie, DEBBIE, Doreen, Abi, Zapha, Bette, Betty, Savitri, Nora, Nancy, Lyn, Lori, Michelle, Patti, Regina, Rhonda, Robin, Brooke, Linda, Rose, Julie, Barbara, Chloe, CeeCee, Tina, Kathryn, Carol, Tracy, Stacey, Brit, Rachel, Amber, Terri, Alicia, Mary, Kara, Shannon, Odette, Winter, Amy, oh I know I am leaving some of you out, but my brain is in freeze mode so PLEASE HELP!!! SEND ME YOUR LINK TO YOUR BLOG SO I CAN PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! HELP!!!!! RIGHT DOWN THERE UNDER COMMENTS SO I CAN CLICK IT


Leigh Ann Baird said...

You want my link here?


I would collapse if I lost my links!

Nancy Riley said...

I'm not sure if my blog link was there. If you'd like it to be, my iSTAMP link is ....


(very cute post! ... well written for an unfortunate circumstance!)

Anonymous said...

Here is Sankari's I just happen to have it handy: http://sunnysankari.blogspot.com/


Kelly Jo said...

Yeah- if my google reader ever crashed, I think I would vomit.

Here is my blog- not that I think I'm one of your favorites...


Good luck!

Jeanna Bohanon said...

Here you go honey -
Here is Lorraine's
Here is Barbara Jean's -

I've got a great list if you need more

Diana said...

Savitri is here...http://www.scrapbit.com/

I don't think I was on your list...but I have seen you post comments to me before...so if you want it...here is mine...http://www.dianaball-seitz.com/

Good luck. Diana

Shannon said...

You poor thing Donna. It's ok, it really is....

Here's my link


I still hope you get your existing links back though. I hate it when things just vanish - like socks, where do they go?

Huge support hug for ya :)

Brooke S said...

Brooke & Sankari's blog

On a good note... You have been having a great creative streak.. I always feel so inspired when I get a chance to visit your blog... You Rock!

Good Luck and Hugs

Brooke S said...

My comments didn't all get posted on the last post???

Brooke's Blog


The Cinema Saturday Blog is:
Sankari and My blog.

Technology it's a love/hate thing...


Shelia said...

I don't think my was listed, but I check yours faithfully, here is mine

VIV SAWYER said...

what a delima donna!!! here is mine..i know you visit it occasionally. everything will be ok...you'll see.



Debbie Pamment said...

Oh Donna - you poor thing!!!!! We love you though so am sure everyone will visit and see your plea!!

Have been checking out what you've been up to while I was at Convention - AMAZING!!!!! Will be heading back for a closer look once I catch up...

Take care and CYA soon..xXx


Sue said...

Ohhhh...((((Cyber Hugs))))
Thats awful!!

I am not sure if I am the Sue you mentioned...just in case

There are some big name bloggers out there who have loads of linkks on their sites...good luck !!! What are you going to do with all your free time now? LOL

Deb Buckminster said...

I keep a document FULL of blogger links that I've gleaned from sidebar listings. Your ENTIRE list may be in my document. If you would like for me to email my list to you, just write me at: peaches-pk@suddenlink.net


Dee Tollaksen said...

Poor Donna, but what an opportunity to find some new places to visit! Come see me!

Samantha said...

OH NO poor you! I would be in a right state too! But there is one good thigh about it!
you have been spring cleaned!!
and the people that reply are the ones that visit you!!! if that makes sence!


and I will add ABC too!
I am guest designer again this week! hope you have time to join in! - http://abc-challenge.blogspot.com/

Good luck getting everything squared up! hugs Samantha

Alicia said...

I am always afraid of doing something like that poor thing.


Regina Cornelius said...

i'm not sure if i am the regina you are looking for...but you will find me here :)

Lydia said...

Oh my gosh!! You have to switch to Google Reader so this doesn't happen to you again! I'm having a webinar on it next Thurs. if you want to attend! That's awful!


Anonymous said...

I believe I found your blog through Kristina http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/
if you look under her Color Inspirations you could find a few more of your friends...
good luck !!!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Oh my Donna!!!! Don't you HATE it when things like that happen. Hopefully You'll have your link list back up and running in no time at all. Your creations are always gorgeous. Here's my link just in case you'd like it.

xx Sarah